Good Ways To Stop Smoking!

November 7, 2006 8:13am CST
Some say you need to apply cigarete with milk and then smoke... I didnt whanted to smoke when i complete one package in 2h one cig by another... Then i was really sleepy and i got a chance to stop smoking... And its true that smokers cant end with smoking couse non-smokers tell them to throw it away... And if you just dont smoke... then its ok... Friend asks you: oh you quit? no i just dont smoke. And next day he asks : You quit yesterday? No i just dont smoke 2 days. =) Got it? [----------------------] Some say that you need to start making yourself a day when youll quit... And then make your dailly quota smaller and smaller dose... And another good theory is that you need to quit in that situation when you smoke less... So if you smoke much at work then work wont be a good place to quit... But all other time you smoke more then at work is good... But if you smoke workingdays and at holliday dont smoke then quit on saturday and sunnday...
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