the mission of friend

November 2, 2008 7:15am CST
the friends of mondavi center is an active,donor-based volunteer organization that supports the activities of mondavi center with education.outreach,and audience developmentnow,morn than ever before,mondavi center is looking to the friends to enhance the spectacular programming of mondavi center. the frinds of mondavi center have raised thousands of dollars and contributed hundreds of volunteer hours to enable mondavi center to become the welcoming front door for uc davis.these outstanding indviduals and the support they offer to our programs have made the friends organization a priceless to the mondavi center. as a benefit of joining,friends are involved in the behind the scenes" work of mondavi center.these volunteer opportunities include staffing the gift shop in the lobby of mondavi center,organizing and hosting the popular adult education series pf pre-performance lectures,ushering at school matinees and giving tours of mondavi addition,they have the opportunity to visit with mondavi center artists at residencies and receptions,receive recognition in playbills,recieve a bi-monthly friends newsletter,and enjoy unique relationship with people who have the same interests as they do. mondavi center salutes the friends and welcome you to contribute to the mondavi center annual fund and learn more about this cllegial group.
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