Does America extend beyond New York ,Los Angeles an Washington ?

@ronnyb (6117)
November 2, 2008 9:40am CST
I ask that question to say this, most movies I have seen focuses on these three locations and usually the more glamorous parts.Maybe it can be pegged to either my naivety or inexperience as a traveller but I was beginning to believe this to be true.Dont get me wrong ,I have no problem with putting your best foot (through the use of beautiful imagery ) or the seeming subliminal programming intended to increase nationalistic fervour and patriotism However , it leads me to ask other questions what is the purpose of movies should it mirror reality or be an escape from reality or both.Had it not been for the passage of hurricane Katrina I wouldnt have known there were poor people in America living in poverty and squalor like anywahere else. Like I said maybe I am naive , you may be more sophisticated - please enlighten me
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