Which is your favourite Novel??

November 3, 2008 7:42am CST
Well I'm not a bookworm but I still like reading books and novels when I'm free... Recently I started reading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown.. I've also read Digital Fortress of the same author... Apart frm Dan Brown I also love reading books of Sidney Sheldon... But my favourite author remains Dan Brown.. Which is your favourite book and author??
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@070707 (302)
• Indonesia
3 Nov 08
I am not really keen on those two writers, although I know they are good in it. Somehow I do like more science fictions, or imaginative one. I do reads all Harry Potter, The Davinci Code, Hobbits, and I was ever read Goosebumps too. Also I read all short novel of Alfred Hitchcock, some books of Sherlock Holmes, and Agatha Cristie. But maybe all of you have read those too. I just want to share my reads about "The Blue Nowhere", which I forget the author was. It was so imaginative. It tells you about a cyber crime.
• India
3 Nov 08
Nice to hear that... well As far as i have read that most of the Dan Brown Books are abt code breaking.. Digital fortress was abt unbreakable code and DaVinci code also has lots of code breaking instances in it.