what I hate about youtube!

@stinge (808)
United States
November 3, 2008 12:11pm CST
Why do people feel the need to always put music behind every video on youtube? I was trying to watch my favorite scene from the movie Sin City,, and everone of the clips had this stupid music behind it. I do admit that most of the video clips are dull and boring, and the music does make it a little more interesting. Like I watched a 10 minute clip of a snake slowly crawling up to 2 rabbits before he had their a$$es for lunch. The music was ok cause it was a home video. Watching a snake take 10 minutes to finaly attack a rabbit with no music is pretty dull. I know people like to upload and do crazy things, and remix certain video clips with their music. Some of the stuff is funny and creative. But for the most part if I wanna see the regular clip from a movie without the music it just pisses me off! And then you have the stupid morons that comment on the video saying how cool it was, hey man great video, thought is was awsome. what a bunch of loosers.
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@marym14 (61)
• Ireland
3 Nov 08
I agree sometimes people o abit over board and they put ridiculous music onto videos which are completlely irrelavent bu if you keep searching you usually always find the proper scene you want with just the quoting from the movie Hope you dont get too stressed out on youtube lol Mary x