online college or landline college?

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November 3, 2008 2:13pm CST
I recently enrolled at the University of Phoenix online college and I am finding out that I don't like the format, it is basically all group learning and not too much individual learning. I am all for team work but not while I am trying to get my degree. I decided to enroll in a regular college to finish up, so I can concentrate more and finish faster. I only have about 10 classes left before I get my degree. It will be tough going back and forth since I work overnights. But my co worker also goes to college during the day and told me their schedule and how it works for them. I am going to talk to the college tomorrow to get information. What would you rather do-go to college online or go to a college campus?
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12 May 10
My husband is attending the Univeritsity of Phoenix and he has not ran into any group activities. He does have discussion questions that he has to post his reponse to and also reply to a couple of classmates. I know that their graduate program one has a lot of group work (I had taken one class and hated it so now I will be going to a local college here in town). I know you can do it and I want to wish you the best of luck.
@tcage08 (88)
• Canada
3 Nov 08
Online degrees/courses aren't for everyone. It takes a person that can learn with minimal supervision, someone that will stick to it, and personal organization. Ironically, I was the most disorganized person you could meet, but doing courses online helped me get on track. Also i love working at my own pace and not having to wait for the class. U Phoenix is different, but most online degree have LESS group learning than 'brick and mortar' universities do. Try programs like MeritusU (owned by the UPhoenix people, but a friend at my church is spearheading it and it looks like a better program) or online courses from places like Athabasca, University of New Brunswick, or Brigham Young University (all 3 i have used with relative ease). All depends on your personal taste in the online/offline debate.