United States
November 3, 2008 5:16pm CST
do you think if you have been married for 10 years and have onley been around one another and are really starting to rub one another wrong that takeing a 3 day trip away from your partner is wrong? is it ok to go away alone over night with out one another?
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• Malaysia
5 Nov 08
I don't think this step is the best solution to your problem. You can go away from your partner, but to me if this happens it would break my heart. I couldn't accept the fact that my husband wants to be away from me, because why on earth does he want to be away from me if he really loves me? He should find the cause of the problem, and not running away from it. If you still want to away from your partner, you can do it but don't do it frequently. If you have tried it once, and it didn't work out it means your approach is not accepted by your partner. Find the root cause of your problem and deal with it. It is better to confront and argue than shaming away and hide. This is not the way of a professional lover.
@deaneal (12)
• United States
4 Nov 08
I have a hard time thinking that time apart is going to solve any problems. Usually the problems are still there when you get back, you just overlook them for a while. If you need a "cool off" period, that would be fine, however, eventually you need to look at the cause of the troubles and deal with it.
@dwcorona (187)
• United States
3 Nov 08
No I think that sometimes people need time apart even when you love someone and are happy sometimes you just need a break for a day or two, I go to my mom and dads for the weekend sometimes or he goes up north, we just need some time alone or away, doing something different and then we miss eachother and can't wait to get back and when we do we are so happy to be back!