do you think the last mummy franchise is as good as the other franchise?

@chikyo (58)
November 3, 2008 7:36pm CST
have you ever watched the most recent franchise of the mummy? the tomb of the dragon emperor? what do you all think about the latest franchise? do you think the movie live up to your expectation? do you think that the movie is as good as the other franchise? do you think maria bello is as good as rachel weisz? tell me about it ok guys...
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• United States
22 Feb 09
The Mummy 3 was absolutely terrible. The plot had major holes, the timeline was inaccurate, and Maria Bello could never replace Rachel Weisz. The only thing I enjoyed about this movie was Jonathan. The rest just didn't make it up to par with the previous installments.
@chikyo (58)
• Indonesia
23 Feb 09
yeah jonathan is always quite funny and hillarious he brings one glimpse of fun and enjoyment in the 3rd movie one that i totally miss from this franchise the mummy used to be REALLY FUNNY
• Philippines
2 Nov 10
Well i didnt like the last one. Since Rachel Weisz is no longer there. But they did add a few interesting actors like Jet Lee and that hot chinese girl lol. But honestly, i prefer the first two Mummy Movies than this one. Just my opinion though.
@shadow41 (2356)
• Philippines
15 Nov 09
Not at all. The first two movies were good but this last one is just lame. The story is not very good. The action fell short. This movie could have been better if the original leading lady is still in the movie. I was disappointed with this movie. I went to the theaters expecting more but seen less. shadow41
@horsesrule (1959)
• United States
20 Sep 09
The third Mummy movie was okay except for the new Evie. She didn't work for me and she rather ruined the movie. She was just too different from Rachel Weisz. I wish they could have gotten either Rachel Weisz or at least someone who looked like her and acted like her because Mario Bello, nope, didn't work. I'm not saying the movie would have been great with Rachel Weisz but it sure would have been better!
@sender621 (14933)
• United States
7 Sep 09
I am such a Brendan Fraser fan! I liked the last mummy movie but not as much as the first two. It just didn't have that certain something that the first two films had. Maybe it's someone else playing Eve that throws it off for me.
@mymelodake (1338)
• Philippines
5 Sep 09
No, I was disappointed with it to be honest. Although I was pretty happy to see the Hong Kong movie stars there, I still had that feeling that the franchise is already getting old. Watching the second movie, I already felt that the story was already kind of forced, how much more the third movie. Now, I really really loved the first, and of course it deserved a sequel, but I hope they really put this franchise to rest with the third movie. I don't know if it will happen though see as O'Connell's brother-in-law has gone off to Peru.
• Indonesia
16 Feb 09
For the mummy 3,im very disapointed because maria bello cannot act like rachel weisz and she act so sucks. I admit settings scene it's cool also the 3d very cool but for me still much better watch mummy 1 and 2.