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November 3, 2008 7:47pm CST
I'm wanting to attend classes online, but I haven't really found one that catches my interest. What are your experiences with online school?
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4 Nov 08
they can be quite expensive esp online courses that require a degree ie. computer maintenance which would require an online course that would allow you to get your A+ certification degree which if in your possession would allow you to work for local computer repair stores, start your own business and what not... also they can be time consuming and sometimes downright inconvenient for the money that you invest in an online course you must stay dilligent with that course even if it seems to drag on forever the one thing to remeber at least 1 hour online per day, stay up with quizzes and exams and study for the finals as with any online course offered through any college.. if you don't study and allow the timeframe needed to complete the course to lapse then you could end up having the account terminated, your money invested in the course non refundable and all that time spent learning wasted away for nothing but there are plus sides to it too and depending on the college you choose to have online courses through may end up paying for your tuition although again double check to make sure if this is the case also being able to do it on your own schedule and your own time is also beneficial but whatever path you choose will all be up to you and how you complete the course is your decision alone to make... personally I wasn't able to finish the A+ certification course through Mercer County Community College and ended up wasting $850.00 as a result of not staying on top of the game