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@gbeast95 (505)
United States
November 3, 2008 8:33pm CST
i know the first thing you will say is that i made a money making guide. i know in full knowlage i made a money making guide but just hear me out. i really want some tips on how i can make some money some new ways that people do not really use and involves combat. i really am getting bored of the steel bar method that is posted on my guide i have been doing that method since i got 30 smithing and now i have 53 smithing so you can imagine how boring the steel bar method. can you all please post some tips for me to make money using combat that is not as boring?? please and thank you. happy mylotting...peace out -gbeast95
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9 Nov 08
The answer really depends on whether you're a member on nonmember. If a nonmember, the best way to earn money with combat is by collecting big bones. There's not many monsters with decent drops on nonmembers. I haven't tried it, but I've heard that the higher leveled cockroaches in the stronghold of player safety are good. If you're a member now, there are several ways of making money through combat. One way is doing slayer in general. Slayer monsters are normally pretty decent droppers in general. Many of them drop herbs, sometimes multiple herbs. Woodcutting is definitely a good skill to use in members. Moreso in members than in nonmembers, due to the fact that there are many more places with higher level trees. Yews in Catherby and in the Gnome Stronghold are good bets. Also the magics south of Seers village and in the Gnome Stronghold are good. Of course there's also the magic trees in the elf lands, but I know that if you've made it to members, you've yet to complete the quests required to enter that area. Dragons are good because you get both dragon hides and dragon bones to sell. I'm probably missing a lot of ideas due to the fact that I haven't done any combat for a long time now. However, you can always check the monster database on any of the reputable Runescape help sites. They usually have lists of items monsters drop, which you can then get an idea with.
• Canada
6 Nov 08
well if your a member i would recommend that you kill green dragons because it fun and its well worth it. but if your non member you should try to kill some hill giants or maybe even go bhing to get some money.