What is the hardest word to say? Why?

November 3, 2008 11:27pm CST
For some of the people, there always a few words that hard to say. Normally people will think of "I love You" and some people will think of "sorry". So, what is the hardest word for you to say? Different people may have dieffirent hardest word to say.
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4 Nov 08
Hi only4patrick, I think the hardest word to tell someone is that they smell when they have a terrible body adour, I had to say that to someone once and its not very nice. Tamara
@Seppy1984 (2145)
• United States
4 Nov 08
For me the hardest word to say is sorry. It is even like this when my hubby and I fight. Neither one of us will say sorry only because I think I am right and he is wrong and He thinks he is right and I am wrong. So we don't say sorry. We have came to conclusions that it helps us grow stronger only because we end up dropping it. We stop fighting before it goes into a worse fight of who is right and who is wrong, only so that we don't have to say sorry. I think this is what causes us not fight so often because we don't like to admit it when the other person is right. Thanks and Happy Mylotting
@mods196621 (3629)
• Philippines
4 Nov 08
For me the hardest word is deeply coming from my heart the word "forgive me". Some words are easy to say for it is an ordinary to all. A sincerity from our word that coming from our heart is rare to say for it needs of action to be done.