having photophobia

November 4, 2008 1:16am CST
when i worked for an ad agency/publishing house for six years several years back, we would often work from morning up until the next morning. we didn't go out of the office, most of the time, we just had the messenger buy some food for us. this would go on like several days in a month, or even weeks. when we would go out from the office during the day, my officemates and i have to wear sunglasses to keep the glare out because our eyes would get really painful. from then on, i noticed that i became more sensitive to the sun. whenever we get cloudy or rainy days for several days, i would surely get a migraine on the day the sun will shine. so i often get migraine attacks. and when i do, i really would have to lie down and sleep and take some pain killers to numb the pounding pain. have you had the same experience? i have heard of Eye berry, a new herbal supplement for the eyes. but i am pregnant so i can't risk trying new medication even if it is only herbal. how about you? ever had the same eye problems? take care all and God bless you! :-D
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