decorating your nursery

November 4, 2008 1:32am CST
i have read somewhere in the internet that if you want to re-decorate your room or prepare your nursery and do some shopping, it is best to start doing it on the fourth month--which marks the beginning of the golden semester of the pregnancy. well at this time, the mom to be is feeling better and has recuperated (most of the time) from her first trimester discomforts, so she is better able to do things. well, i didn't really have a lot of difficulty during the first trimester, but now that i am midway into my 4th month, i have started to redecorate our room into a baby's room. i have bought some rubber slice from the local upholstery store and i have cut out shapes and assembled them into a mini-garden that i will name after our baby. i have also started setting aside a closet for the baby. my mother in law says that it is too early, but well, it wasn't easy cutting those pieces as my bulging tummy is getting in the way. how much more it will be when i get to the 5th month--during the baby's growth spurt. do you think that i did this too early? i just thought i would be prepared as i will be the one doing it anyway and there is nobody to help. oh my husband is sticking the things on the high places that are out of my reach, but well i had to do the designing and cutting. i just thought it best to do now. my next project is the red, white, and black items that i will hang around the room so that the baby will look at them from 0-6 months. take care all and God bless you! :-)
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4 Nov 08
First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy!! I'm so glad to hear you are feeling well. I'd pretty much say that getting ready and decorating the nursery is your call. There is a lot of truth in your statement about the second trimester being the easiest. Many women have quite a bit of morning sickness the first three months, and during the last 3 months it's often hard to sleep or even find a comfortable position. The last 6 weeks I had awful heartburn as well. Doesn't mean you will though. Sounds like the ideal time for you since you're feeling fine and the baby hasn't grown so large that things are awkward for you. Be careful about getting up on a ladder, though. Your center of gravity is a little off now and you don't want to fall. Leave that to your hubby! All my best to you. I'll leave you with wishes for a short labor and an easy delivery!