unused usa b1/b2 three-month visa

November 4, 2008 3:11am CST
My friend is an Indian citizen living in Singapore. Recently, she and her husband planned to go to Guam Island. She fortunately go a B1/B2 visa which is valid only for three months (till 24th January 2009). Her husband got 10-years multiple entry visa. However, now, they suddenly changed their mind to go to Washington instead of Guam and then go to Guam next year. But, she will have to re-apply for a visa. Now, my questions are: (1) In her application form, she put 'Guam' as destination, but now she wants to go to Washington. So, next year when she applies for a visa again, she has to surely put again 'Guam' as destination. Will the USA embassy officer question her as to why she did not go to Guam as per her previous application? Could her new application be rejected for changing her previous destination? (2) If she completely change her mind not to go anywhere in the US, could she be rejected for not using her three-month visa at all? If anyone has any right answers for these two questions, please advice.
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