the art of self study

November 4, 2008 3:24am CST
when i was a student, i would read a i can say that much of what i have learned and know now did not come from our school but really from applied learning. sometimes i think that i just went through all the levels in school and then eventually in university just so i could have papers when i would apply for jobs. otherwise, my learning came from other sources. it is true, you cannot confine yourself to the four walls in the schoolroom. a student needs to broaden his horizon by opening up himself to other avenues of learning. he must exposed himself to different experiences, travel, read books, know what works and what doesn't. he must absorb whatever bit of knowledge, both theoretical and practical, for he doesn't know when the time comes when he gets to apply these. but well, since we need jobs and jobs require credentials, we have to get through to college. but to really become a well rounded individual, self study is the key. what do you think of this? good day and God bless you!
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• Malaysia
4 Nov 08
I believe in your opinion and I strongly agree to it. Self learning is the best way an individual can upgrade himself. When I was small I thought learning from a classroom is everything. I don't have to learn elsewhere. I just have to read books and pass examinations. This is because my family never taught me about social skills and why it is important to know about self learning. My family only look at my academic performance and that's all. They never stressed about other extra curricular and never told me anything about the importance of social skills. It made me into a person who doesn't know how to get along with other people. I find it difficult to adapt to new group of people. Fortunately now I know my way around because as I grow up I discovered by myself that self learning is the most important lesson of all. Without self learning, even though you have the highest academic qualification, you would never excel in your life. God bless you too, and take care.
• India
4 Nov 08
Yes my friend,I can tell you that surely that is the case with many of us...I can surely tell you that my school did not play a major role in what I have learnt so far.It was only the exams that tested me and my skills.Other than that it is only the certification that is required for which we are going through these routines.I feel that if a person has real interest and understands what he is doing and why he is doing it,anyone can learn anything without any limitations.