Do you really reuse and recycle?

United States
November 4, 2008 9:04am CST
Well, sort of, at least somethings. We return the deposit cans, so I guess they get recycled, and the non deposit cans we buy in NH, we crush, put in grain bags (reusing them that way) and give them to my father, who takes them to a recycling place. It gives him extra money and they get recycled. We pull the tabs off first and save them for the Shriner's Hospital. I reuse grocery bags as liners for the small trash cans in the living room and bathroom. We use the old newspapers to start our grill (old fashioned wood burning grill. But I don't compost or separate my basic trash. Our neighbor used to have a compost pile and all it did was draw bugs and rats, as well as skunks, so no thanks! What about you? How much do you actually recycle or reuse? How often do you take your recyclables to the drop off points? Waht do you do to save the environment?
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@sandymay16 (1619)
• Philippines
5 Nov 08
I do have my share of recycling and reusing. We have compost pit in the garden and I haven't seen skunks LOl well there are no skunks really just chickens scratching inside the compost pit. The plastic bottles and aluminum cans and other cans we sell to the junkshop, actually there's a person who comes by every other month to buy scraps and other recyclable items and he sells these to thenjunkshop. Plastic bags we use again like in going to the wet market I bring my own plastic bag and refuse plastic bags from the vendors.
@mapi26 (549)
• Philippines
4 Nov 08
in the provinces since most houses still have backyards so almost there have compose pits where we put our biodegradable trash like food peelings etc & we still have that. it's one way of helping the environment of separating bio & non biodegradable. but then the only disadvantage indeed is it'll attract pests like house fly & mouse but still it's a good way it just has to be sanitary too. now that i live in the city what i do is segregate & save tin cans, bottles (including plastic), cardboards &/or hard boxes & give these to people who go around & collect it & this would depend on when i can fill the trash bag. they on the other hand would sell it to recycle place. i also drop biodegradable goods to the garbage truck who collects it. the newspapers on the other hand, i keep it then give it to my dad when i visit them. he would answer first the crossword puzzle & use it for burning as they still have & use the old style of cooking (wood & charcoal). i also keep plastic bags from the grocery store & would use it to all small trash cans it my apartment. in this way trash from the kitchen is in one bag, along with trash used in the bathroom etc... this is also sanitary for the house. then if i give it to the garbage collector, it'll all be in one blck trash bag but everything is in small plastics. these are pretty much some of my ways of recycling & reusing of things. & i guess this already qualifies to be a contribution to the environment. as i read it, i think we somehow have the same way of recycling & reusing. happy mylotting!
@wujinbo (341)
• China
4 Nov 08
we should recycle the cans ,our environment is polluted seriously,we cant do some unmoral action pollute it.there are alot of cans hills and we cant take care the problem ,it will be bigger and bigger.the best way is reuse it and change it to a production .and it is a environmental protection behavior .....