Do u believe in ghosts??

ghost - Ghosts do exist in this world. They are not fake. ppl do get haunted by them.
November 7, 2006 9:18am CST
I have heard many ghost stories and i do believ that ghosts do exist. The haunt u until their mission is completed.
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@artemis432 (7474)
• Abernathy, Texas
14 Jan 08
I think there are many reasons why ghosts choose to stick around. Sometimes something so traumatic or shocking happened that they are bound here, or they're confused and think they're still alive. My husband used to have a website called psihunter and he used to do investigations. Now that we have a little family he no longeer keeps this up but its still an avid interest as many facets of the supernatural are for him. He has an extensive starter library and is always collecting more. Although a skeptic at heart, there is alot he's looked into and is inclined to believe. What about you? Do you believe that they exist? Have you experienced one in your own life or has someone close to you experienced this phenomena?
@gittabest (1949)
• Iceland
10 Nov 06
Yes I can often feel them and therefor I know they exist...
• United States
7 Nov 06
i do believe they exist.. If you're wondering, ghosts are normally harmless for the most part and have relatively no desire to bring harm to anyone nor do they have much of an awareness to act as such. Ghosts however, have been known to disrupt the lives of those that they effect and play pranks and move things about. To state it plainly, they are actually limited in the activities that they are able to carry out in their frame of existence. Non-human forms as well as evil spirits and demons, who have never had a body, have additional powers and have the ability to sway our thoughts and tempt our reasoning. This is why Ouija boards and other similar devices should be shunned! They have the ability to open windows into other realms of existence and can attract evil or bad spirits. If you are experiencing what you consider to be the effects of an evil spirit or demon in your life then it could be the location where you are living, but you must also consider your life style as well. In other words, how you are living or the activities that you involve yourself in that might inadvertently be drawing them to you. ghosts and spirits are not quite the same. Spirits are capable of continuing a full existence on the other side with their full mental and emotional facilities intact, unlike their counterpart the ghost. You will most likely not encounter a spirit on a ghost hunt as you would a ghost. When they are detected, it is believed that their appearance might be in the form of ectoplasm mist, as well as a full bodied apparitions. They are permitted to visit on occasion and even communicate a message when they have permission to do so but for the most not they will not be picked up on any ghost detection devices or be photographed by any cameras .