new ipod touch, w/ speaker

November 4, 2008 7:35pm CST
So i bought the ipod touch that had the extra volume buttons and the built in speaker. I dont know if it is just me but i think my battery doesnt last as long. and i dont really like the housing and how the front has the seem of the housing, it seems to fill up with junk. I had it upside down on my table and spun it around and than picked it up and there were huge scratches on it. i thought it should be a little more scratch resistant than that. I had a bunch of apps that i downloaded from the apps store, they worked awesome and than they all became corrupted, who knows what from. I was also comparing it to the older generation and it seems that the wi-fi built in reciever works better and gets a better connection than the new one. So it seems like there is a lot of things that aren't so good about it and its kinda annoying. But despite all the problems it is still a really amazing machine and usually works really well.
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