What do you think about life????

November 4, 2008 7:53pm CST
Life is like water.We should adapt to it.I like running water.It is the strongest and mar incxhauslihle source of life in the world.Its strength lies in its generority.Its incessant running and its adaptibility to any enviroment.To adapt is to conquer.The eonstant dropping of water wears away the stone.This is its tenacity,stamina and persistence. Water makes its way through the mountains,sometimes it runs and jumps in the valley,sometimes it rushes down in the shape of a saran and sometime it goes slowly forward in ripples and deep in emotion.Now it hides silently underground.Then it hangs high in the sky and distinguishes herself. It is not afraitt of difficulties,nor of twists and turns.It is willing to be a tiny drop of water.In short it can be as big and small and tolerant as it is. In this world,tortunes and misfortunes are common.What matters is to keep quiet as water when disaster befalls the water keeps running and will never stop until it reaches the sea.
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