Charlotte's Web: the emerging love among acquaintances!

November 5, 2008 7:15am CST
Charlotte's web impresses me deeply:there can be produce the most sincere love among acquaintances, even though the enemies whom loves together.In this world, love exists everywhere, at any time,and among anyones.
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• Calgary, Alberta
9 May 12
I think Charlotte's lifespan would have been longer if she didnt waste her silk or web to save Wilbur but she is a very selfless friend. Wilbur is the first friend she ever made, he didnt get scared of her despite of the fact she is a spider. In a way Charlotte is like a mother to Wilbur, she shared him her wisdom and life experiences as a spider. Uncle Zucherman annoys me, damn it took him 4 times before he decided not to kill Wilbur. It caused Charlotte her life.