My assessment Earn 3 is a scam together with extra 10, so be careful

November 5, 2008 9:57am CST
Why i suspect Earn3 is a big scam. I asked for payout about a month ago and my queue number was 5501 which mean that there are 5500 requests ahead of me. For the past 3-4weeks, my queue number moved to 5430 today which should mean that 70 requests had been made by Earn3. However, someone in forum mentioned that his queue number of 19 did not moved for the past 1 months. So if his number did not moved, how did mine moved in the 1st place. The only explanation is that 70 members from queue number 19 to 5500 opted to upgrade their membership and recieved their cashouts resulting in the queue movement as they are removed from the standard member queue list. The upgrade fee is $35 meaning that the site earn more than 2000 but did not pay anyone in standard list for the past 1 month as queue number 19 did not move at all. So i figure out that the motive of Earn3 is to force members to upgrade and earn the money(unless member ask for more than 35, if not he will still not recover back his investment)and does not have the intention to pay standard member at all in the 1st place.
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@tombiz (2039)
• Philippines
5 Nov 08
What is the website of this program? Just want to know is that others could really be sure of this that they could be forewarned.
• China
5 Nov 08 and earn3 has $3 payout and extra10 has $10 payout. I am damn sure this is a scam. maybe more members can come forward and share their queue number movement
• China
5 Nov 08
i dun think they are dying but rather earning from members who pay them 35 to upgrade daily. and they are not paying to standard members at all in order to create some frustration and cause those impatient members to upgrade. so in the end they would still earn again
• India
5 Nov 08
Earn3 is not scam it will pay only when it gets money from us. LOL. Kidding there. Its a latest scam but the admin says he will not close site and your observations werent that accurate. Just go through the forum again and you will understand the way things are going on. Nothing is unusual in your case but it happens to all of us at both sites.
• China
6 Nov 08
he will pay only upgraded member in order to attract and tempt standard members to upgrade but he has stop paying standard members.
@nadooa247 (1096)
• United States
5 Nov 08
It's sad but it seems to be the case with many sites and that is how they make real money sadly enough... people do the work or participate on their sites and only those who pay for upgrades or what not get paid... that is the meaning of scam my friend.