what are some pros and cons of the blackberry curve?

United States
November 5, 2008 5:32pm CST
this discussion is mainly for those who own a blackberry curve. anyways im thinking about gettin a new phone & i wanted to get a blackberry curve, but im not sure. can someone give me some of the good and bad things about the curve?
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• India
7 Nov 08
i just bought it and I LOVE IT! Pros: Full keyboard which is easy to text on not inbox/outbox but by conversation so its easy to remember what people say fast internet if you have that application in your plan the game is incredibly fun so many applications to use including GPS but you have to pay extra for that They have a bunch of cute cases for them too so it wont get beat up You can put music on it and the ipod headphones fit! spell check on messages! vibrate is actually quiet Cons: Its a pretty big phone, hard to text in class very expensive if you aren't at your two year agreement the keyboard is pretty spaced out so its very difficult to text while driving over all I really love this phone and totally recommend it!
@sk66rc (4257)
• United States
6 Nov 08
I personally have blackberry pearl 8120, one of the latest ones. There's not much difference between pearls & curves except for the size & keys. I know few people with curves & I don't like it just for the size. Later versions of blackberries have 2mp cameras, though a lot of phone out there now have more than that, if you're not a big "camera" person, it's more than enough. Every now & then, they will freeze up & you'll have to pull the battery out & put it back in to have it re-set, not a big deal, takes about 30 seconds. Some people live & die by the flips or slides, if you don't mind open faced phones, great phone.