How do you manage your mood when you are in sad condition.

November 5, 2008 6:48pm CST
Sometimes, when we are sad, we must do something special, then back here, regret about that decisIon. That's very often, so how to deal with it. So I do. Why let it happen. In order to avoid this, we should go far away from the place where I start to be sad, towarding a beautiful place, bringing with your best friend for he or she could listen to you for talking; another way, just sleep, then forget anything sad. Anyone has good suggestions? Welcome to make points freely.
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• Malaysia
6 Nov 08
When I am sad I would ignore the sadness and concentrate on the things I am doing. I will not think about the sadness because it would turn me into even sadder. If the sadness is caused by somebody, I will avoid that person and to me it works until now. Other than that I always picture my favorite things so that I would feel excited and motivated. I will think about the things I can do if I am in that place (for example). By just imagining it, my mood would turn back into its normal condition. Sometimes I would even feel a bit happy.
• United States
6 Nov 08
When I am sad I work out and up my endorphins, however, getting the energy to get up and work out is hard, so that may be a catch 22. Get out of the house and hang out with your friends, another catch 22 because when you are sad, you don't want to do anything. It is difficult being sad :(