Do you like growing flowers????

November 5, 2008 6:50pm CST
SOme of my neighbors began to grow flowers.There were moring glories,jasmine,cactus,and the like in their flowerpots.I wanted to have a try myself.But I had neither knowledge nor experience in such matters.Fortunately,I came acroos a bood on plants in the library.I read the relevant chapters,whcih left me with the impression that any plant would grow luxuriantly if you could supply it with sufficient fertilizer and water.Of these two essential factors,fertilizer was obviously by far the more important one. According to what I had leart from the book,I sowed some seeds of moring glory in a flowerpot with a lot of fertilizer,and watered them everday.I really took good care of them and eagerly awaited their spouting.But,be that as it may,they just didn't come up.When half a month has elapsed,I was absolutely disappointed,I dug some of the seeds out of the soil and found they had already rotted!!Why they had rotted defied my analysis.So I went to consult one of my neighbors.Hoe told me my failure was due to my misunderstanding of the book,and the fact was that I had overfed them water or fertilizer may be a two-edged sword. Do you like it ??
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