lost & found, disgusting thief

November 5, 2008 8:28pm CST
Everybody hates the thief in the world. I came across a heartquake lost & found yesterday after work, on the way back to home. It's getting dark,while more and more people were waiting buses at the bus station. Finally my bus arrived, but tooooo crowd, because our great country has the biggest population.I queued to pay bus fare, and I felt there was something wrong behind me,while turning back, a nice beautiful girl stood behind me, but I was not sure she had evil intentions. after several minutes,I succeded paying fare in the front door of the bus, and was about to crowd into the bus from the back door. Just this moment, I was curious and freigtened to see that my handbag was brokend to open, the household register was missing. OMG, I knew it's that girl behind me who did this. Looking around, I found she was not in bus, but was still back to stand in the bus station. She did it, I guessed.But she seemed like a dummy, could not say anything, but was very afraid and shaked her hands. I didn't know what should I do if I cannot find the Residence booklet(Hukou). :)but I was so lucky that another girl pointed the residence booklet on the ground to me. thank GOD, thank that girl. I found my lost important thing. Those thieves are disgusting. don't they have any morality? or do they get used to stealing from others? I was lucky to get my HUKOu back, just because the HUKOU is not useful to the thief, they need the money, but unluckily that theif stole the wrong item from my handbag. Friends, have you ever been stolen by thief? or have you ever came across such disgusting action?
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@smallp1 (87)
6 Nov 08
i think thievies are always around the bus stations,because there are so many people,this can help the to do it. that day was new year's day,i was on the bus to visit my relationships. (i put thousand RMBin my bag). i felt a man always next to me .but i wasn't take so much attention about it.. but when i got off the bus,and open my bag,i found my bag had a small hole by knife!! as i found my money was lost,everything was too late~ i hate thief!!!!!!! they are so healthy,why not go and find a job to do !!!(angery)
• China
6 Nov 08
hhahahahah, professional thieves! to steal is their job, smallp1. take care especially in crowd. thanks GOD, I got the important booklet back.
7 Nov 08
lucky girl~~~ thanks for your reminding~ ^ ^..