Does anyone get addicted to coffee when they have an approaching deadline?

November 6, 2008 2:57am CST
I do! I know my new year's resolutionis going to be to kick that habit! I just had an exam, and used caffeeine to get through it but am now suffering the withdrawl symptoms! But coffee is not all bad for you. It keeps you alert and improves your memory (especially useful when studying for and before exams). This is what I there truth to it or is it just coffee lovers justifying thier addiction. Also, has anyone tried coffee shots. i.e. cofeebean coated in chocolate. What do you think of them?
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• Malaysia
6 Nov 08
I am not a coffee addict now, but at one time in my life I had been a coffee addict for one whole month. At that time a wonderful miracle happened to me because I could drink as much coffee as I wanted without my stomach turning painful. I was very happy about it and I started drinking as much coffee as I can. In the morning I could never start doing my job if I hadn't drunk a mug of coffee. After I finished making myself a mug, I would make another one. The taste is so wonderful since I never had the chance to drink it before. And at that time there was a deadline to meet and the nearer the deadline was, the more coffee I consumed. I really enjoyed that one month because I found out my vision, thinking and focusing is sharper than usual. After a mug of coffee I can do my job with a fresh feeling and I was not sleepy at all. But I never come across the coffee shots, i.e. the coffee bean coated in chocolate. If I had known about it maybe I would eat it too, and I bet it must taste really delicous.
• Australia
6 Nov 08
Wow, Well your experience does agree with my own. I find that you are a lot more alert with cofee. How was getting off your month of coffee? I did not sleep at all last night & i had a hard time keeping away from the caffeine today. But I will do it, because I don't want to be addicted. What are the bad effects of coffee btw? Does any one have any experience? The chocolate coated coffee is nice, a little bitter but just like a shot of alertness.
@underdogtoo (9591)
• Philippines
16 Nov 08
I just like coffee. I don't believe that I am addicted. Cheers!!