is money important

@wujinbo (341)
November 6, 2008 6:47am CST
Money plays an important part in our daily life. People can’t do everything with money, but without money they can do nothing. The poor believe that money is the only thing that can make them happy, and no money often brings them unhappiness. So they work hard and try every means to earn money in order to own happiness. Sometimes, they even lose something, such as, sentiments, dignity and honor. When they meet the rich, they will have inferiority complex. If the rich can give money to them, they may try to content the rich. The rich own a lot of money,but they don’t live happily. They are often frightened that one day some one would take away their money. And they think the poor are happier, and then they want to be happy as the poor.Meanwhile the rich worry that someone will murder them.So they spend a lot of money in ensuring safety to protect their possessionsand employing bodyguards. Whenever they go,the bodyguards would follow them. It’s not free Who will be happier, the poor or the rich. It is hard to answer.When we obtained and used money in the correct way.Money can bring us comfort, happiness and power, however, If we try every means to make money for nothing.In that case, they do not use money, but instead they are used by money and become money’s tool...36
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7 Nov 08
When talking about money, always balance the importance of it by the eternal goal it can help you attain. Remember to comment that money is only a tool. The motivations behind getting money is to help you achieve your dreams and visions in life.
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@slash23 (102)
• Philippines
6 Nov 08
IMHO, I believe we cannot generalize people by equating their wealth to their emotional well-being. Some may be rich and "at peace" at the same time. Some may be poor but still enjoys life because they appreciate other forms of "wealth" such as family and friends. Money is not the most important thing but i agree with you, it affects everything. This, I admit, i still got to learn.... I should NOT work for the money but let the money work for me. I'm now into investing, saving and managing my money wisely so that one day I'll reach my goal of just relaxing and enjoying the benefits of passive income. ;) Aaahh..that would be the day.
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• China
23 Dec 08
very important,you cant leaveit...