The picture of dorian gray

@Keola12 (717)
United States
November 6, 2008 7:39am CST
This is a dark tale about an ambition an artist to keep Dorian Gray young for all eternity, with the intention to make him immortal. Then when Dorian Gray ages, so does his portrait in the painting. This is what leads to Dorian Gray's demise, so much so that it drives him mad.
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@hildas (3031)
6 Nov 08
I have been reading this discussion and you know what, I have never heard of Dorian Gray. This sounds amazing. I cannot believe I have never heard of this. I am going to try and get the movie to watch. Thank you. I will let you know when I see it.
@flowerchilde (12534)
• United States
6 Nov 08
Oh yes.. I remember that movie.. very vaguely.. guess I better watch it again!
@teka44 (3423)
• Brazil
6 Nov 08
Hi Keola. I rereaded this book two or three times. It is a beautiful book, a classic one. I think it isn't about age only. Dorian Grey becames so vain about his beauty that doesn't want to lose it never. He wants to enjoy the life with all the sensations. When he did something wrong and bad the portrait shows it but not Dorian. So he keeps the pretty face always and none believe that he could make wrong things. It help him to corrupt anothers persons. But Dorian can't support to look at the portrait because it shows the Dorian's soul. And even so his face was pretty his sould was very ugly. I think that this book is about people that make wrong and bad things but keep it hidden from others. So they never show their real faces. Everyone think that they are nice persons but they are a devil persons.