Racism In Dogs ?

November 6, 2008 10:41am CST
I was just wondering, do you think are people racist about dog color, do you think people prefer white dogs over black dogs.
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@laglen (19779)
• United States
6 Nov 08
I worked in an animal shelter and can tell you that by far lighter colored pets get adopted first. Now there are some people that prefer darker animals, we have 1 black 1 brown and 1 blonde dog.
@trickiwoo (2702)
• United States
6 Nov 08
It's been proven that black dogs in shelters are less likely to get adopted than lighter colored dogs. This is also true for cats. There's a lot of superstition around black cats, which is why they have a harder time getting adopted. With dogs, people have lots of different theories. Some people think black dogs are evil. Some people think they just get looked over in shelters because their facial features don't stand out as much as lighter colored dogs. I have two black dogs and they are both absolutely wonderful pets!
@inder86 (565)
• Gibraltar
6 Nov 08
i don't think so because mostly people prefer black dogs. not because of reason you asked . but because first most good breeds are only available in dark colors next white one gets dirty very soon plus black ones look little dangerous to white one.