I don't know

@oneman (47)
November 7, 2008 2:16am CST
I like to be a blogger. I like to have a blog. I like to write something in my blog. But I don't have a good idea what kind of blog I want to write. Curently I have two blogs for my learn in writing blog but it is in my local writing language. I want to do blog in English, so people around the world can understand what I am writing in my blog and they can share some feeling by give me some comments on it. I hope one day I can make it successfully.
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• India
9 Nov 08
hi, even I do blogging and have got few blogs under my belt http://cricknewsdaily.blogspot.com/ This is the best I have got and many more will be coming up sooner or later.
@oneman (47)
• Malaysia
11 Nov 08
Wow... your blog can be the biggest report of cricket but i don't think I can make one like yours.
• United States
9 Nov 08
The nice thing about blogging is that it can really be your version of an online diary and people can comment on it. You can talk about anything and it's free to post online immediately. I use blogger.com for my blogs, and create them for promoting my busines. I like that they're written in a more personal way, not as formal as a website and no need to navigate. I say just start blogging! Pick a topic that you'd like to write about and share with others, then create a blog to practice. You can always edit, delete and start over, or add posts. Most of all, just start having fun!
• Philippines
9 Nov 08
Hi, I am a new blogger too. Just like you, at first I don't know how to start and what to write. But now I am on my 64th articles and still I have more interesting articles to write on my list. Send me your email and I'll guide you if you want. Thanks.