Paid to Click OR Paid to INVEST? That is what's going on now with the big ptc

United States
November 7, 2008 7:21am CST
sites! How can they advertise "get paid to visit websites" and then later tell you in order to be paid you have to invest in the site? I am premium member at crewbux. That was an investment. I have 56 referrals. That is an investment. Now the admin is asking everyone to invest 50% of their earnings to get paid?? Give him back half of what I earned? Are you kidding me? I get so sick of these admins posting in the forums how they only want people who believe in the site. I would not be clicking daily and promoting for refs if I didnt believe in the site. Funny how their attitude changes after building up their membership. This whole ptc thing is turning into MLM. He is using the free members money to pay the investers at the top. By the time free members reach payout, they increase the payout or come up with some other scheme not to pay them. Do you see a pattern? Hope you are paying attention to whats going on in the ptc world. Oh well, time to make some changes to my website - again.
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