Which actor played the James Bond character best?

November 7, 2008 10:44am CST
Certainly Pierce Brosnan...Nobody does have a macho image like him
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• Romania
7 Nov 08
i personally like the new james bond better...daniel craig. i think he's hotter than pierce brosnan but hey...everybody with their own tastes :)
@cynthiann (18609)
• Jamaica
7 Nov 08
I haven't seen the new Jmaes Bond but I adores Sean connery and then there was Roger Morre - he was excellent and I also liked Pierce Bosnan. Looking forward to seeing this movie when it reaches my country.
@zhaychel (610)
• United Arab Emirates
10 Nov 08
You're right!He's the best actor for this character. He has the killer looks and he carries the stunt so well. I'm actually slowly accepting the fact that he can't anymore be the James Bond we want him to be. Sad! But Craig does it well too.^^,
• India
8 Nov 08
I always liked Pierce Brosnan as Bond Actor and could not imagine a Bond movie without him since the first of the Bond movies i had seen was the ones played by Pierce Brosnan . But when Daniel Craig was casted for the new Bond series he very well justified his role by playing it to the core. But for me Pierce Brosnan is the best Bond actor
@bobbyk08 (72)
• United States
8 Nov 08
to be honest i think pierce brosnan is the worst out of all the james bonds, sure his movies had ton of action and explosions but nothing beats the original. My favorite is Sean Connory hands down.
• Canada
7 Nov 08
There isno doubt Pirece Brosnan was one of the better 007's but i dont know whether im saying that because i grew up with him as 007 or he was really thebest. Another note worthy 007 was Roger Moore, often overlooked as one of the better 007 as his movies are quite old and not many people remeber them.
@jazz555 (236)
• India
7 Nov 08
Yes Pierce Brosnan is the best james bond character. He looks cool, the way he acts i love it. No one can replace in his place. The best suited person for that character.He should be given a chance again..