make money with real payouts.

@nicedude (104)
November 7, 2008 11:24am CST
Hi guys, every one wants earn some extra money,but many of us end up in some scams. so,to highlight the scam free sites,i have created a blog. you can visit my blog here.
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• United States
9 Nov 08
I have pretty much had it with all of these so called jobs. The only real way to make money in a consitent manner is to earn it by either investing in a new business, which comes with considerable risk, or by getting hired by someone to deliver an actual service. After looking all over the Internet and weeding through all of the scams, I finally stumbled accross a site that links you to a database of over 1,500 employers looking for qualified people to work from home performing and delivering an actual service to them. The best part is that there is wide variety so, if you look closely enough you are bound to find an opportunity that fits your talents or interests. Some of them pay on commission, but for those of us who would rather earn a decent and predictible hourly wage in our spare time, there are plenty of jobs that fit that bill as well. As with most good things in life, access to this mega database isn't free. It costs a one time fee of about $50 but, if not satisfied, they will reimburse the full amount if you cancel the subscription before 8 weeks have gone by. Believe me, I would rather pay $50 one time and be assured that I am not wasting my time having to weed out the scams. If you're interested, the site's name is
@crigal (105)
• United States
11 Jan 09
$50 for the info? You got to be kidding! No site that offers real jobs ever charges any money just for the info. Then again...who knows?
• Indonesia
11 Nov 12
Nice info. I will visit your blog and I hope you updated your content
@kiinin (336)
10 Nov 08
Hi nicedude Good day, my friend... making money online can be very fun... As a human being... we know that there are so called Good and Bad guy... so, websites are run by human being.. and people sometime do make mistakes... so, it might end up to be a scam site to us. Earning online, you just have to be more careful, do some research online... sometime we might being cheat by the site.. just treat it as a lesson... It's OK..Take it easy... Happy myLotting. Best of Luck!!
• India
9 Nov 08
I visited your blog and was amazed how can you earn money from all these scam sites. Kindly don't make people fool about placing affiliate links to earn commissions.