Video Cassettes are history

November 7, 2008 11:49am CST
Today JVC announced that they stop making VCR's, No reason to panic though as many companies still make VHS-DVD combinations, but the day that they stop making em is comming closer. I have cupboards filled with VHS, but I don't own a VCR anymore at the moment. How about you ? Do you have tons of cassettes lying around still but no VCR ? What are you gonna do with for example your kid's first steps tape, or your marriage tape. Let's hear what your view on this is, Spill your guts.
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@23uday (2998)
• India
8 Nov 08
Hi frnds, Video cassettes are history.In olden days they using a gramy phone to listen the music.Later developed the vcr cassettes are very big cassettes to handle to watch movies.vcd came and dvds came all are taking and buying a dvds. In 12 years back in marriages,parties they will take a video and recorded printed in the video tapes or cassettes.
@avidwhit (1492)
• Mexico
8 Nov 08
Better keep a few machines around to veiw these type things and keep them in good condition. You can always transfer them to DVD. :)
• United States
7 Nov 08
I also have a bunch of vhs movies that i got a really long time ago. I have a VCR that i dont use lol. When i get a movie i watch it once and then dont watch for a couple of months. Those couple of months help me forget what goes on in the movie so that when i watch it again its like im watching it for the first time.
@Takashy (496)
• Latvia
7 Nov 08
I do have a lot of cassettes lying around but I am not really bothered as I still have my VCR. I just don't use it. Also,about your cassettes of your Babys first stepps. I would suggest that you visit some PC store or contact some friend who is good with computers. They can simply record them on a computer and turn them into a DVD or a simple video file. Just don't forget that it won't make the video quality better because it is on a DVD. (I am jsut saying this because some people might believe this) I am myself still young so I don't have any important cassetts. Well,except for the one of me finishing School. Now that I think about it, I should try to find that cassett and make a copy of it for my computer. Thanks for reminding me of that! :)