Do you feel like you just whant run away some times

United States
November 7, 2008 12:05pm CST
I was jus siting here thinking that the world is very big. There is so many places i have not been to, i can not stop thinking about just getting up and leaving. There is a song love, and it is so true it is called far away from here by KINDRED THE FAMILY SOUL. i think you guys should look it up, and listen to it, the song opens up your heart to the world. one line from the song is just jump in a taxi cab pack a bag and get away fast far away from here. i want to do that so bad but i dont have the balls to leave quit work or just leave, and go. I can tell you one thing the world is calling me and i wontigore it for long. How about you have you ever felt like going far away from here.
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• United States
12 Nov 08
Life is short. I can remember when I was 19 and opportunity to travel was there and I chose not to. Now in my 40's with children I wish I could do all I had the opportunity to do. Live life to the fulliest, enjoy everyday while you do not have any children. See the world alone if you have to but don't live in fear. Don't live anyone else ways of life find what make you happy. Its your time to find you, learn what you are made of. check out my post in poet
@wjcp2008 (106)
• China
9 Nov 08
i also want to visit many places,but i always just thinking without action,and i have no money to do it,too.Now i want to study hard,ahd i will try to earn much money,then i can go to any place i want to.Sometimes i will want to go away or disappear transiently,just want to escape from something,but quickly i must come back to the reality,whether like or not.Belive i can do it,i can solve all the problem,then i will do it!
@maximax8 (30121)
• United Kingdom
8 Nov 08
When I was 19 I felt life was wonderful. I had a job in a office and had bought a tiny cottage from money my great aunt has left me in her will. Then all of a sudden the recession hit the UK and I along with many others was made redundant. It was challenging to get another job. The year before I had traveled around Europe so I thought why not go around the world. I let my cottage out and got a working holiday visa for Australia. I bought an airline ticket around the world and my route was London-Los Angeles-Hawaii-Fiji-Sydney-Adelaide-Cairns-Darwin-Singapore-London. I traveled for just over one year. Returning home was challenging because much about my friends changed. Life is boring right now with bills coming in and it is winter so the weather is cold. I so wish I could go off traveling for another year but with two dogs that isn't a possibility. I will plan 2 weeks away in the early part of 2009. It is wonderful to run away and get away from the rat race for a while. Good luck.
• Philippines
8 Nov 08
Hahaha. Good question my friend. Well, I long been obsessed with actually traveling and never going back--but I somehow got over it. :P I feel so blessed that I am a mile away from traveling to my dream destinations. I hope, you too, will have such success.