Can office romances last

@ronnyb (6117)
November 7, 2008 4:03pm CST
It is not unlikely that we often fall for the people we see every day at work.However, is it wise to date persons you work with. Can you maintain professional stance at work or are you tempted to want a quick smooch or a hug at work .What if you were called on to make a vote on an issue that would affect your partner ,would be you be unbiased especially if you know it would affect the person in a negative way ?. Perhaps the most important consideration that must be undertaken, is what would happen in the event of a breakup .Can you maintain cordial relationship after that ? or would it end up being a nasty display in the office .Would you now be vindictive and spread nasty rumours ?.Would you find it extremely unbearable that you start being vindictive and now try to get the person fired ?.Could you maintain an unbiased stance in situations now so that you facilitate positive growth of the person?.And what if she decided to date someone new from work , would that person now incur your wrath ? Just some of the issues you need to consider before starting a office romance - do you know any other reasons ?
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