@arialgrs (130)
November 7, 2008 7:29pm CST
Are you doing recycle? And what kind of materials do you recycle? I think recycling in our age it's very important ,it's matter life or death. I am used to recycle papers like newspapers or magazines.. YOU?
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• Philippines
8 Nov 08
i recycle photocopied materials as scratches for my writing materials.
• Malaysia
8 Nov 08
When I go to the hypermarket to purchase goods, they always provide us with plastic bags to carry the goods that we have purchased. So in my home there are a lot of plastic bags which I like to keep. I use the plastic bags as my waste bin wrapper so that it would be easier for me to just tie up the plastic bag when the waste bin is full and throw it into the large waste container provided by the condo management. I also keep with me plastic containers which I get when I buy food from the night market. These containers are very useful because I can keep my sugar, salt, sweetened milk, and many, many other foods which I want to keep. Furthermore the container can be put into the microwave and therefore it is very practical for me to use it when I want to heat food while preparing for my husband's breakfast.
@greenline (14845)
• Canada
8 Nov 08
Yes, recycling is very helpful for the environment. I recycle newspapers, magazines, plastic bottles and containers, electronic equipment such as old computers, and so on.