finally...!i found "Indonesia " interest 'o'

November 7, 2008 11:58pm CST
yes, during my suffering to make my english better and *penungguanku* after this all time. finally, i FOUND INDONESIA ..! like columbus found america, with proud and glad i found my country. i really happy.... by the way, why in my country still using english? *kenapa make bahasa bule ya?apa gua salah kampung kali ye..." thank you indonesia!
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@diansinta (7550)
• Indonesia
8 Nov 08
Hhhehe! i like you post dude bay the way, we are have to post in english because is the rule. But we can also talk In indonesia but we must translate it at the same time. Kalo situs ini punya kita orang Indonesia, (Indonesia/= If this site belong to us , Indonesian) Kita bisa bebas bicara dalam bahasa kita (Indonesia/= we will be free talk using indonesian language) But i love this site. Two years been member here and i got paid by mylot : $50 and i develop proudly that English is my tirth language after jawa and Indonesian. hehehe Happy posting titikcerah, oxox'dian from bali island.
• Indonesia
9 Nov 08
wow,indonesia greeting me!yes,i am so proud talk with indonesian people. i dunno if we must talk in english.i am newly know (baru tau.maksa bgt!he) ergg..although in this interest we cant speak indonesia i am still happy. at least my english will be better. by the way any busway,if you dont mind i will ask you some question that doesnt important,like an technic question,cause i am new here so i dunno a lot about mylot. thanks my newfriend. thank you indonesia!!
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@zamakh (518)
• South Korea
15 Dec 08
hi there, i'm indonesian too.. but lets still use english here.. anyway, $50 for two years? wow, take quite ong time to get good amount there.. mari kita promosikan pariwisata indonesia disini! (let's promote indonesian tourism here!)
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@Beruang (1309)
• Malaysia
15 Dec 08
I have made more than $20 in two months that I am here. The secret is make sure that your posting has more than 5 sentences. So, it is better to make a few long postings compared to many short postings. That's why when you see the number of posts on a member here, some people have lots of post and yet earn only a small amount and yet there are members who only have much less posts but have earned quite a considerable amount on myLot. Anyway, whatever we do here on myLot, have fun and let's share our knowledge with each other. Regarding the English requirement, I would love to be able to write in our native language too. I am a Malaysian and I do understand Indonesian as well. It would be awesome and I would be able to get more people to join if there are no language restriction. Cheers!