Winds ???

United States
November 8, 2008 3:55am CST
I was sitting her yesterday and me and my daughter were talking about how windy it was and we both said that we cannot remember the last time that there was a day that had no wind. It is kind of scary. It has been windy every single day , even if it is just a not so bad wind to like yesterday it was horrible. My sons toys out in the yard were blowing everywhere and i had to chase them.. It is just weird. is it something to wonder about?? Is it the end times??? Is it global warming????
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@kaguvkov (1041)
• Philippines
8 Nov 08
The power of the wind varies from place to place and if you were living near coastal area then the wind would be very strong in your place. It also changes if there were hurricanes coming and some other factors like weather change and climate. I don't know if global warming is connected with this strong winds but I have also observe that today's weather have change a lot due to some human activity.
• United States
8 Nov 08
I am in Indiana and there is a straight wind 24 hours a day for the last couple of years and it is in summer and winter. hot and cold. weird. no coastline or anything.
@SomeCowgirl (32254)
• United States
8 Nov 08
I am not sure where you live so I don't know seasons set in or any of that but I would have to say that I think it could be a change of seasons or it also could be the effects of global warming and the envirmonment being damaged. I can't say for sure. I hope you stay warm though, and this is a great opportunity to bundle up! Happy Holidays!