can i call her a friend?

November 8, 2008 6:24am CST
for almost 17 years of knowing her and calling her as my best friend.. i am not so sure now if i can still call her as my FRIEND..why? Because as far as i remember we are friends because we enjoyed being together watching movie..took shower together telling secrets about boyfriends..but when she got married..her husband told her not to join me or talk to me.. they are fighting if her husband knew that she went to our whatever her husband tell her to do so she will follow.. then she went to work abroad and so i went abroad to work too.. that time we make our way to keep in touch by texting and telephone calls.almost 10 years we didn't see each other.. but in that 10 years we have a communication.. last two months ago she came back here in our country.. then she phoned me that if she arrived i will go to her house so we could see each other.. im so excited knowing im gonna see her again.. so she came.. and i went to her house ..but come to my surprise her husband treats me well.. i was happy for that.then my friend told me to come back again to her house on the other day... so i come back again but again.. her husband did not smile when he saw me in their house again.. that time my friend told me not to go in their house again because his husband is mad at her if i am visiting her..i just ignore and pretend to my friend it's just ok but inside i feel the this really thing called being a friend of mine? no i guess she is not my friend.. i dont want to be her friend anymore that cannot follow her mind but to follow her husband without asking why he don't like me to be her she don't text me or call me anymore and ill do the same too..but still it hurts for a friend for a long years will destroyed by a husband without reason and in fact i am the one who lead their way to bridge them to be together ..her husband forgot that ..all i know is this man is getting jealous of getting his wife attention ..
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