Are you considerate enough to let others watch their own channels and not yours?

November 8, 2008 9:24am CST
I am just wondering if how considerate you are about watching movies in a television knowing you arent alone in your household. What if your parents,brother or sister are living with you and then you only have one tv set in your house .You have your favorite programs but at the same time they are watching their favorite movies too. Would argue about it ?
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• United States
8 Nov 08
I would probably spend some time arguing but eventually i would come up to a truce. I would tell them that if they let my watch my show ill let them watch their show the next time its on.
• Philippines
8 Nov 08
Well,that's fair enough. But i doubt if they wont stop arguing with you.:)
@beki710 (949)
8 Nov 08
When I used to live with my parents we had more than one TV and so normally if someone wanted to watch something else they would go into a different room or we would record it on a video/dvd and watch it later. I now live with flatmates and sometimes there are the odd arguement but normally if we want to watch something there is someone else in the room that wants to watch it as well. If not we find we can find most programmes online and catch up with them later if we have missed them.
• Philippines
8 Nov 08
ya that wouldnt be so bad if there are other choices and gadgets to avoid arguments.
@zhaychel (610)
• United Arab Emirates
10 Nov 08
Yes, I am because we have 2 television sets in our house, so if someone wants to switch to their channel preference that's fine with me since I can go to my room and watch my favorite station instead. I'm not very demanding or bossy as you may say it when watching television, I give chance to other people. ^^,