Do you really get more responses when you start discussion within interests

@ronnyb (6117)
November 8, 2008 1:16pm CST
Since I have been on mylot all of my discussions were started under the general area.Ihave noticed that my responses werent always good.I am now thinking that I am going to take up the suggestion and start starting discussions in my area of interests just see if my responses increases.What is your experience ? Do you for instance search by interest group when you want to respond to a discussion ? or just do a general browse and hope the search algorithim spits something favourable your way.In fact I recently learned from a discussion that you can search for types of discussions using keyword - right ?
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@myklj999 (35711)
• Olney, Illinois
8 Nov 08
The general discussion catagory is the worst place to put a discussion. It will only be seen by people searching through the new and recent discussion catagories, while if you post under an interest, everyone withih that interest will have a chance to see your discussion.
• United States
8 Nov 08
Well ive just started using mylot and have made 3 discussions. The first one i got 3 responses withing 5 min and that was about computers. The other two were about dogs and wrestling and those both got 0 i think. Discussions get responded by how many peope take an interest in that theme.