Do you sleep with your dog?

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November 8, 2008 1:30pm CST
I have a little Havanese dog who is about 7 lbs. He doesn't shed and he doesn't smell and he sleeps with me by my side on the outside of the bed or at my feet on the bed. My husband hates this and gets mad at me for doing this. He even has made the comments you love that dog more than me. What is the big deal??
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@EvrWonder (3577)
• Canada
9 Nov 08
Well anjelskisses, it is said that letting the dog sleep in the masters bed confuses them when it comes to understanding where they are in the hierarchy. As all dogs are suppose to be below humans and we, as the pet owner are to be the pack leader. On the other hand, my brothers Russel terrier sleeps with them as do the two cats as well. My little 17mnth old, 5lb Yorkie sleeps with me too. I know I ought not to let her but she is way to sweet and I love to watch her sleep. She cuddles with me which is way too adorable for a dog to do. I love her to bits and since I don't have any children she is like my first baby. I don't get any flack for her being in my bed but sometimes I think that she should be sleeping in her own bed. I can understand why your husband hates this. I don't have that problem however, think of when your husband and yourself may want to be intimate. What about the dog? Simply for peace between your husband and yourself, I would reconsider these sleeping arrangements, with the dog. You didn't mention the age of your Havanese. It is best to start early. The deal is to make a spot where the dog can sleep that is as comfy as your bed but large enough that the dog can stretch out. My dogs bed is not big enough for her to stretch out like she prefers. She is allowed on the couch and the chair in the living room and has slept there fine but I can't stand her not cuddled up to me so she is back in my bed with me. Since she is in basic training now, I am seriously reconsidering her sleeping arrangements as well. I just don't want any dominant issues. I am the boss and sometimes she tries to be the boss. I did find that when she wasn't sleeping in my bed with me at night, she was a bit better behaved. She gets a little smart and sassy otherwise. Perhaps I am imagining this but I don't think so. The big deal I think is that really, the Havanese is a dog and the dog is suppose to be on the floor, period. It's a dog. If I were you I would take your husbands comments as a warning. Do not let the dog come between you and your man. Obviously your husband dislikes this. It is not the right thing to do for the dog either. It confuses them apparently, when it comes to their natural instincts of where they stand in the pack. This can lead to behavioral problems with your dog. Plus the husband may grow to hate the dog. When we bring a pet into the home, it becomes a family member. We all must get along, make concessions and learn to like each other. It just makes for a happier family setting. Best to you.
@ganderlot (352)
• United States
8 Nov 08
I don't know if this is true, but in my experience women tend to let dogs on the bed more than men... maybe it's an Alpha male thing or they are just more disciplined and we give into our dogs more than they do. Regards
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8 Nov 08
it shouldnt be a big deal. its normal for dogs to sleep at the foot of ones bed. Unfortunately i cant let my dogs sleep at the foot of my bed becuase he sheds but if he didnt i would