How to win with Autosurfs.

@Kowgirl (3490)
United States
November 8, 2008 4:11pm CST
If you are planning to join any auto surf program here is how to win with them As you may know an auto surf is a program where you have to purchase ad packs or units. You earn a percent of the amount you spend. You have to autosurf (no clicking) an X amount of websites daily to earn the daily percent. You get paid when these ad packs or units expire. Heres an example: Megalido pays 12% for 12 days for surfing 12 websites. You can start with as low as $6 per 1 unit. So you would earn 12% X $6=$.72 a day X 12 days. At the end of 12 days you will get paid $8.64 You can reinvest $6 and keep the $2.64 at the end of 12 days, do the same as you did before reinvest $6 and keep the $2.64 After your 3rd investment you will have more to invest $8.64+$2.64+ $2.64=$13.92 so buy 2 units. 12% x $12 x 12days =$17.28 Keep adding your earnings and reinvesting until you are investing $36 $36 X 12%=$4.32 X 12 days=$51.84 Now take out the $6 you started with and use your profits to make more. This way if the site fails or shuts down you will not have lost any money but will have gained a little. Most Autosurfs do not last as long as a year so be sure you know when this autosurf started. If it is already into it's 6 or 7 month just remember it is very close to it's last few months on the 'net. So think twice before you invest any money. If you would like to know more about surfsites like Megalido (unit $6 ) Instant2U (unit cost $14, paid daily into your account) ParadiseDOT (pays 5% Forever, Units cost $2 ) PM me for more info or link to any of these Autosurfs. BTW I give back 100% of my commission on your first payment and 50% thereafter when I receive payment for your spend. Have a great day Kowgirl
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@msmell (1378)
• Australia
8 Nov 08
Yeah as you know i am working these autosurf sites as well and so far i have received about 5 payments from megalido, it is a real good program and my first upgrade at Instant2u is just about to expire so hopefully I will get paid from them soon too, also what i like about these programs are they are that they pay pretty fast no more waiting around for 60-90 days for payment!!!!!
8 Nov 08
When you get paid by instant2u please let us all know. I have joined that site but never upgraded as yet.
@msmell (1378)
• Australia
9 Nov 08
Yeah no worries, I just checked and my upgrade has expired so now just waiting to see how long it takes to receive payment.
@lumenmom (1995)
• United States
5 Dec 08
This is very good information. Thanks for providing it.
@littleowl (7157)
8 Nov 08
Hi Kowgirl, I have given up on all sites now, even if they do pay I have found that never once have they paid me so why should I stay on there....they are just a waste of tiime mainly too as the currency is in £'s in the UK which would be half of what you get in $'s so it just means working harder on those sites...hugs littleowl