Is the economic crisis affecting you?

@zoneday (142)
November 9, 2008 12:00am CST
Now the world are going recession. Personally, I still go for shopping. But my friend around they just stay at home more than before. Do your job,consumption habit, entertainment, and your friend around affected? Do you have any idea to recover yourself from this crisis? Lets share your experience.....
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@arhtin (12)
• Malaysia
10 Nov 08
In terms of knowledge, i know more, as now i am more concern of the world economic and i start to know what is subprime crisis. The main thing is every one start to know the problem of capitalism. It is a good case study for me as a student, and i know too many people are going to suffer in other corners.....
@MRCurly (26)
• Malaysia
9 Nov 08
I am a student. I think this financial crisis didn't affect least for now. Moreover, I am living in Malaysia. Our economy wont be collapsed so fast yet....haha because it is a second-world country.... However I do always facing the MONEY problem...No matter how much I earned, I spend it the end, I got nothing at all.
• United States
9 Nov 08
If it counts, I'm having a near impossible time finding my first job...can't tell if that's from my relative lack of experience or companies not wanting to shell out money for more employees. Lately I've been highly irritated at how little a dollar means as compared to (only!) four years ago, as well.