Some body tell me it isn't true...

@sirnose (2439)
United States
November 9, 2008 2:09pm CST
Has Hit4Pay become a scam site,about a month ago i replied to a discussion about Hit4Pay emails bouncing,at that time i was getting emails from them ,last week i got an email from them telling me that they were sorry that my emails were bouncing and that i should use another email provider such as gmail or hotmail, hotmail was my current email provider.Then all of sudden i get another email telling me to switch email providers because my email are i changed my email provider to my gmail account 2 days ago and still no emails,I was almost at cashout,my feelings is that the "Bouncing emails is all a marketing ploy" they don't want to pay their members any longer their probably loosing tons of advestisers and can longer afford to pay their members any longer and when you are almost at cashout they come out with this "Bouncing email ploy" newbies i think that you should think twice before joining this site i will be taking down my Hit4Pay banner because they no longer has creditability.I hope that my feelings are wrong...
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• Philippines
9 Nov 08
some sites do bad tactics to fool members. I am not active with hits4pay so I cant tell if they are one of those site that make stupidity. I hope that you resolve the issue and I wish you all the best in your online ventures
@sirnose (2439)
• United States
10 Nov 08
Yes, you are right some sites do try to fool there members in order to get out of paying them...this morning i had to go to their homepage to read my emails...I hope that all's well in the long run myself.
@Jimeous (858)
• New Zealand
9 Nov 08
Eeeewwwwaahhhhh.... I think I'm about a year off earning enough to reach payout at that site