I need help.... i dont want to b anerexic

November 9, 2008 5:20pm CST
So recently i stopped eating food and i didnt really no y... but then when i ate things like ice cream i would think i wonder how many cals are in this and to be honest i normally didnt care, and then i started planning out all these excercise things i could start doing... and i mean even though i personally think im fat deep down i no im not. and i just keep tihnkin that im gnna end up anerexic if i stopp eating and start exercising but its wat i want... Please help
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@rsa101 (22792)
• Philippines
9 Nov 08
Well I guess you may opt going to a psychologist and try consulting them if you are entering to become anorexic. I think you should start to worry about this things as becoming one could just be as devastating too to yourself. But right now, try to continue doing your exercise because that would prevent you from becoming fat indeed but continue to eat healthy foods as much as possible. always keep in mind that because for anorexics all food are bad and should not be taken in your body. Sometimes its only in the mind that you have to train that food is good for your body if not taken in excess.
@klaudine (3651)
• Indonesia
9 Nov 08
Hello sarah! I am so sad to hear this. you didn't mention why you wanted to be thin, and you didn't mention why you scared of being anorexic. If you have this feeling, I believe you would be able to control yourself. If you think being fat is bad you have the wrong thinking pattern already. Being thin is not beautiful being healthy is. If you stop eating it doesn't mean that you would look good. Don't be silly, Sarah. You know no one would be able to help you, only yourself. Good luck