What If you think that You Love 2 Persons

@naaima (241)
November 7, 2006 12:13pm CST
Then how you will decide any one WHat are the aspects you will see
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7 Nov 06
I have this problem, i met my ex partner in Febuary of this year and we split up in July, I was very much in love with him and to be honest i still am. I have a new boyfriend in which i like very much. We have been together for a month and we are very happy. But the problem is that i feel guilty that i can not let my love for my ex go. I think that i will always love my ex as i felt that he was the one for me but unfortantly i was not the one for him. I just hope that i will be able to love someone else too as otherwise i am in for a hard and lonely life
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7 Nov 06
its the toughest question i have seen here