What was your school motto ? What effect did it have on your life ?

@veejay19 (3590)
November 10, 2008 12:49am CST
My school motto was " AD MAJORA NATUS SUM " which is Latin for " I AM BORN FOR GREATER THINGS ". During school days i saw it for millions of times but it did not mean a thing as we were all immature and care free kids. After school came college and then working in jobs. Still it did not mean any thing to me. Finally in 1983 when i was working as an Architect in one of the offices i was selected to work in the Gulf State of Oman where our company had set up its office.It was my first trip abroad and the first time i would travel by aircraft. It would also mean that i would be getting a handsome paypacket for the first time. I was thrilled and then suddenly the motto came to mind. I wrote it in large letters on the wall of my workstation and went about my work with great enthusiasm. I went to Oman and prospered then came back to my country and after that the motto took an even greater meaning as my mind turned spiritual and towards God. for the first time i realised the real meaning of life, why we are born, for what we are born, what is the ultimate goal of this life that we are living. Now everything that i do is centred around this motto. What about you?
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• India
10 Nov 08
My school motto was " Never Care " . While I was in school I always relaxed. Never bothered about things going on and one to come. Just a carefree life . And still i go college now I follow the same attitude . I was good in sports , so when i play sports i concentrate hard ..or i must say only i concentrate when i play sports.