Road Trip 2010: Who's coming and where are we going?

@abramy (24)
United States
November 10, 2008 2:21am CST
I'm in the Navy. I've traveled all over the Pacific. Nothing compares to the experiences I have had taking road trips with friends in the past few months. A dream plan we have that I'm actually putting some serious thought and energy into, is converting a school bus (a discussion I've considered putting up about 5 times since being on myLot this morning) to a mobile home. And traveling around the country for as long as we wish with all kinds of crazy harebrained ideas to make money. Anywhere from ChaCha, to PTC sites, to myLot, to renovating homes in Detroit off of ebay for 1,200 dollars, to donating our blood plasma to research centers. The possibility of being sponsored by Verizon for 3G wireless internet cards or by a biodiesel company or greenpeace is ALSO not far fetched. The crew to be expected is an astonishing 6. From looking at bus conversion guides, fitting 32 bunks on a bus is not outrageous. Cramped? Yes. Any extra living space? no. That would be a bit much. Purpose 1 of this thread. This thread is meant to spawn ideas for trades related to and natrually occuring with travel. Perhaps a third party shipping company? Discounted rates? Start a site? Offer insurance policies for goods? Okay, probably not, but it was pretty good off the top of my head. Internet money is always an option. Purpose 2 of this thread. Where does everyone want to go?! Who's got ideas for things to see in the US. We've got a pretty extensive list already. Things like Mount Rushmore and The Empire state building. The Redwood Forest and Pike's peak. What's everyone got? I'm interested to see the expansive answers I seem to be promised indirectly by the wonderful posts that myLot has to offer :) BY THE WAY, the main idea that spawned this idea was being on a road trip to see live music. Whatever bands we wanted when we wanted. So live music is probably going to be the backbone of the trip. The Kitty Hawk landing and disney world are just perks ;) but perks are good, that's why I'm asking about them :) Purpose 3 of this thread. Devil's advocate. I've sat down and come up with a list of things that I see as possible issues. while playing devil's advocate, lets also think of the benefits. For expample, Cost of living will be significantly less. Sitting down from point a (where we are now, with nothing) to point b (having finished the entire roadtrip) SO RECAP! 1.) Traveling and making money. What's everyone got. How should this ghost operation be supported. 2.) PIT STOPS! WHERE ARE WE GOING! 3.) Pros and Cons
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@oyenkai (4396)
• Philippines
2 Dec 08
Sorry, can't help much about suggestions here from the Philippines. (I think your topic would have been posted better if some people LIKE ME wouldn't interpret it as political HAHA) I hope that my myLot friends would see your post when I respond :) About your roadtrip plan, that's not such a bad thing to do here in the Philippines, I've had friends who go from one corner of the Philippines to the other by hitching and stuff and eating in really cheap (but doubtfully clean) places. :D I hope you have a blast!